22 Mar 2008

Bags and chocolate what more could you want?

The lovely Bronwyn came over today and so we took advantage of the easter-spirit to do some chocolate "experimentation"; basically melting dark and milk chocolate and trying to stop Bronwyn from eating it all before we put it in the moulds I picked up earlier today. Aside from the plain chocolate we experimented with marzipan, orange peel, ground coffee, cloves (my idea) and strawberries! The family are in for a treat tomorrow...

We also decided to make Bronwyn a nifty tote because I missed her birthday last year and had been meaning to sew something for her - we settled on this marvellously speckled cotton and polka dots;

1 comment:

  1. did you use the spanish marzipan?... wait did we buy marzipan in spain i cant remember.

    and it seems to me that you've moved the position of your tv... again.


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