16 Feb 2008

Tag Along

I knew it wouldn't be long before I was tagged - and it was by the lovely Lindsey (whose blog is always delightful to read). So here it goes; trying to find seven interesting things about me:

1. I can say "The Highway Man" by Alfred Noyes off by heart.

2. For about 5 years I spent every second weekend with my dad on a solar powered farm on the outskirts of the city.

3. I love trampolines - and tried trampolining as a sport when I was about 11 but stopped because the mother of the girl who took me to it really freaked me out. Then I wanted to be a synchronise swimmer...

4. When I was four my favourite animal was a sea slug.

5. I'm scared of heights and get all clammy in glass elevators, rainforest "air walks" and on ferris wheels.

6. I'm from a big family (and think they're the best) - Both my parents are re-married - so I have 4 parents and people find that odd - even more strange that they all get along. I have three sisters and two brothers - the eldest is 23 and the youngest is almost 22 months old.

7. In the past month I've been to 4 different countries; Spain, Morocco, France - and right now I'm sitting in our hotel room in Brussels, Belgium. Tangier - Morocco

And now I'm tagging Sara - because I think she'd answer this hilariously (sorry if you already have).

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