26 Feb 2008

Street Art

I really love art in train stations. You know the stuff you see on the Paris metro; on the walls in walkways or the mosaics on the curved ceilings. When we were in Brussels we came across an entrance to an underground station which had the most spectacular walls:
Of painted tiles and woven tapestry
I also love street art. There is something so exciting about seeing art in public spaces - the anonymity of the artist; the strange (and often very challenging) positions they choose to display their work. But most of all I like the way that it renders art accessible and challenging to all not just those with the means to visit galleries. I think its a breath of fresh air in our advertising-ladden urban jungles... You've just got to look more closely and walking through Brussels we found a rather marvellous fish:
And a little recurring character called "Molly":

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  1. Oh...I do love that fish.
    I wish for a fish.


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