22 Jan 2008

So I've been putting off this post for two long. A little over a week ago - the night before I left - I saw Sufjan Stevens lives with Maddy and my parents (It was them after all who got me onto Sufjan) It was a delightful concert. The support band "My Brightest Diamond" which is made up of three members of Sufjan's band fronted by the beautiful Shara Worden (who writes all the music, lyrics, sings, plays guitars, piano and organ) was really breathtaking. I was melting in my seat... her voice is so unusual, so exquisite - one of those voices you rarely ever stumble upon and when you do you want to keep listening forever. Sounds like an overstatement? Perhaps it is, but I felt really affected it by it - and boy can she move! It was a surprising and brilliant opening before Sufjan appeared (in a colourful fluro vest and sunglasses) I bought MBD's record after the concert - two standout tracks for me are "Dragonfly" and "Dissapear"...
If you haven't heard or listened to Sufjan Stevens then you've really must to know what I'm talking about. Sufjan is a really unique musician - a softly spoken poet if you will. He plays every oddball folkish instrument you can think of - and gets all his friends to play along with him (he toured with a 10-piece backup band and they all have so much fun on stage). But he isn't all fun and games - My favourite album "Seven Swans" is a bit of a mystical journey about growing in faith... Its hard to describe (look up some reviews) but its his lyrics that really affect me. Anyway, I just loved going to see talented musicians who are young and energetic - who are also friends having a great old time on stage! And Sufjan is a real rambler as well; going on extravagant 10-minute rants about going to Bondi beach and growing up in Michigan - he even hula hooped in his encore!

If you're in a musically adventurous mood try finding any albums by the band "16 Horsepower" - a strange, experimental folk band - I've got "Folklore" and its a really beautiful listen...

Enough. Clancy and I are leaving for Cordoba today - followed by Seville and Cadiz!

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  1. Em

    I'm insanely jealous of course. Sufjan and MBD in one concert and I'm away from Sydney!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed them both. Have you checked out MBD's Myspace page? It has several songs you can listen to, probably not all off the album, so may be worth a visit when you next have good web connection.

    Enjoy your trip!


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