2 Dec 2007

Summer Afternoons

Its December. Summer is well and truly here. Afternoons are filled with sunlight and its such a good feeling being able to come out with my pot of tea and sketch for a while. I'm busily trying to finish off sketches for cards and special requests for friends... The Christmas cards have been printed and will appear any day now in my online shop - I'll be sure to post about it when they do! I am so happy with how they worked out.

It seems like only yesterday I was posting about how I couldn't believe it was November already and now that its December I'm in total disbelief! This month will go by quicker still, what with all the festivities and such... We got the advent calender out yesterday - its a battered old thing but its a family tradition to wake up in the mornings leading up to Christmas and open the boxes to read mum's messages - then turn the box around to start making an image of a tree (I'll take a photo soon). This year we decided we'd take turns writing messages for it - I think my days are Monday and Friday. Christmas isn't a huge thing in our family - it was always more a religious celebration for us and I never had the whole "Santa Claus" thing instilled in me as a child - and with hot Australia weather - Christmas is all about going for a good Christmas Eve church service, opening the surprise messages of the advent calender, lazing around in the sun, dangling my legs in the pool, and eating fresh avocados, mangoes and prawns (Mmmm)

But that doesn't stop me cooking all the traditional things! In fact I'm off now to make my first batch of gingerbread for the year...

But I'll leave you with some more warm beams of light:


  1. Summer Afternoons are in my OPIOOOOOOin The BEst Tiiiiiiiiiiime Of the yeAr

  2. That AnoNYMOus SelEcTiiiiion 4 Postiing a Comment iiiis REallY Dangerouss Iiiiiiiiiiiit mEAnss Any1 Can Say AnythIng WiiiithOuT Beiiiiiing FouND Out!!!!

  3. Yes, Tallulah - except with that ridiculous capitalised/non-capitalised font we'll know who it is...!


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