17 Dec 2007

I went walking this afternoon - I enjoy my walks so much but haven't been able to take them recently (by cold and rainy weather) but it was a perfectly breezy afternoon when I came home from work - and it still stays light till 8 these days. I have a habit for coming back with flowers ( there was one special person who got little hand picked posies every time I went to his house). I still think a handful of violets or clovers beat boring red roses any day.

If I'm ever so lucky as to get married one day I've decided that I'll go for a big, long walk in the morning and pick myself a beautifully misshapen, unplanned bouquet of flowers - because wild flowers are just the best.

This time I found red gum flowers, green gum nuts, yellow wattle, christmas bush and a wonderful orchid-y red-flower all overhanging at various stages along my path.

Still, its so nice to take a break from all the hurrying, busy, hectic crowds (the shop is constantly full) trying hard to buy presents and load up their credit cards - lets not get on a rant about Christmas and credit card debt today! I'm off to get our dinner from out of the oven and contemplate starting my Christmas cooking...


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