15 Dec 2007

I Am Yours - You Are Mine - You Are What You Are

Last night I went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash with my parents and sister and had an absolute ball! Almost 40 years on and they've still got it! Sure they looked a bit older and Crosby looks like father Christmas but they played a really energetic show. Ah, live music is so good... They played Long Time gone, The Marrakesh Express, Our House, Wooden Ships, Woodstock among others .. And Stephen Stills played his own beautiful ballad "4 + 20" - so did Nash with "Rio Jesus" and Crosby with his son's (the keyboardist) "Lay me down" - and they played one of my favourite songs - "Hopelessly Helping"... Sure, Mad and I were about the youngest people there but it was a fairly cool (and energetic) crowd! I only wished (along with everyone else) that they'd played Judy Blue Eyes.

On a another note I've come down with a nasty cold which is making everything that little bit more tiring - and there I was thinking I had beat the sickness for this year! Fingers crossed it'll start to pass this weekend because its hard to work when I've got to blow my nose every few minutes!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. How out of touch am I? I didn't even know they were performing, let alone touring Australia (I presume you didn't all fly to USA for the concert!).

    Yes, they gave us some classic songs. We still have the first to LPs on vinyl, and I occasionally play them.

    It's interesting how many of today's kids are into 60s & 70s music.


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