8 Dec 2007

How To Make Jam

1. Go on a berry picking adventure - mine was done a few months ago - when mulberries were ripe and I consistently walked past my supply a few times a week collecting more berries each time, bringing them home for a wash, dry and freeze.

2. Thaw out your berries in a colander like so:

3. Heat them over a medium flame - add lemon juice and cook for 15 minutes.

4. Add sugar - that has been heating in the oven - (because I had a kilo of berries I used 500g of sugar and the juice of one whole lemon) and cook.

5. Wait for the jam to thicken up - you can test this by placing a spoon of jam on a cold saucer (that has been in the freezer) and if the jam feels hard to touch its ready - in my case the jam didn't thicken much on its own and was more like a syrup so I had to add some pectin to it.

When ready spoon the jam into well sterilised jars.

6. Have fun making labels and lids!

I have to say Mulberry jam brings back all sorts of memories for me; a taste of my childhood - and because of its unique flavour, it tastes wonderful on toast, in smoothies or on top of ice-cream!


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