25 Dec 2007

Christmas Snaps - Making Me Happy

Sri Lakan Christmas cake.
(And Maddy eating it)
Starch white aprons.
Beautiful new jewelry and fabric.
Seeing Mum's face when she opened my surprise present.
Stuffing our giant 3.5 kilo salmon (and eating it too)
Getting out all the baked goods.

Ahhh - Feeling so content. That lovely Christmas afternoon fullness - having supped and drunk well - with all the family... I'm ready for my siesta now - I'm going to read for a while and then rest before tonight's cheese platter and prawn, mango and avocado salad (a family tradition here) and we'll light the advent candles and laze on the back patio soaking up what little light we've got today... its a very unusual Christmas in terms of weather - overcast and breezy (usually stinking hot!)

Did I mention how content I am?

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  1. oh it looks all so delightful - and judging by the smile on christiana's face i'm sure everyone there was delighted to see the entire family. Oh i wish i could have just popped over and visited everyone there, im sure there would of been alot less leftovers if i did...


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