27 Dec 2007

The Bag Lady

At last a bag of my very own!
And it had to include a number of things; calico lining, an inside pocket, red zig-zag stitching on the handles and some sort of strip/stripe on the front - all of which I managed! I feel so proud; I'm the kind of crafter who becomes attached to her projects and her fabric - so to see it all come together is a happy moment! I surprised mum on christmas day by whipping up an "oh-so-trendy" yoga bag the night before (as secretly as I could) which you can see below modelled by Maddy... Still, it feels nice after all the sewing of bags for others this past month to make something for myself!


  1. i love the bag, perfect yoga mat size. Now lets really test your crafting abilities... what you must do is make a bag out of magic thread. Now this thread must be so magical that on the completion of the bag all you have to do is wear it and you'll be magically transported to me. what do you say? think you could make it for me?

  2. or maybe you could just pay me a visit instead?

  3. Love the bags! The yoga mat one has such a darling apple print. You should add bags to your Etsy shop!

  4. That yoga bag is the best! I feel like the bee's knees walking into fitness first with it over my shoulder...


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