2 Nov 2007

Trying To Accept Its November Already

Can you believe its November already? Where did the year go?

I tried to convince myself yesterday that it wasn't really November - it doesn't seem like it should be the 11th month of the year yet but then there's so much about this month I love:
*Blooming Jacarandas/
*Enjoying daylight saving before the weather gets really hot
*Finishing uni exams and going on my LONG summer break
*Being able to vote (in the Federal Election) for the first time on the 24th!
*Starting all my "home-made" projects; making jam, sewing Christmas presents
*Having time to start working on my story.
*Getting my website up and running - and stocking my online shop with bookmarks and cards that are being printed as we speak.

This last week has been pretty hectic - however the biggest highlight was my sister Maddy shaving her hair off last saturday and then her and I going to see Singer/Songwriter Josh Pyke play at the enmore. She looks terribly sweet and fragile now and I can't help running my hand through her her over and over.


  1. why did your sister shave her head? it's very cute!

    NO i cannot believe it is November - crazy. though i am loving the jacarandas too (even if they do have destructive roots, or so i am told).

  2. I think she just wanted a change - but it does look so cute! And suits her completely.

  3. its going to take alot of getting used to i must say - but it does look very 'her'

  4. and its already so long! suits her perfectly but she's sick of it already!


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