21 Nov 2007

Tangents and Didgeridoos

Funny conversation with migrant English students at my training today:

Saiid: "Where do you live"
Me: "Err - still with... my parents"
[all laugh]
Saiid: "So we can conclude that you're single?"
Me: "Gees I'm 18 and property prices are soaring through the roof"
Me: "Well not literally through the roof"
[all laugh]

A little later:
Me: "Tell me what you know about indigenous Australians"
Pham: "They have a terrible history"
Me: "Yes, that's sadly true - what else?"
Saiid: "They live in the desert and dance all day"
Me: "I guess you could say that - how about their musical instrument called a "didgeridoo"?
All: "What's that?"
Me: "It looks like this [draws bad dictionary quality drawing]"
[still look totally confused]

I absolutely loved spending time with my group today; they're all at a pretty high English level - and were so opinionated and confident. We were supposed to be going through "Australiana facts" that I didn't even know half answers of - and I ended up teaching them about tangents and Iranian poetry (yes they were connected). Training for this home-tutor scheme to teach migrants to speak English has been so enjoyable for me; you just get such a good feeling seeing all these vastly different cultures and experiences intersect and get along... and that moment when you understand each other - their eyes light up - smiling - saying whatever it is over and over - delighting in the fact that they can communicate on another level; a totally alien level. Its pure blisss!

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  1. it sounds like it's such a amazing experience. i'm sure they're all very lovely people.... i hope they dont plan on marriage


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