27 Nov 2007

Self-portrait Tuesday

Prompted by the Self-portrait Challenge website I decided to post a month's worth of Tuesday self portraits! I think a good self-portrait isn't one that's a perfect "visual" representation of someone but something that captures more about the person within. I like the fact that Clancy has caught me in a spontaneous moment; Just looking at him, thinking to myself, biting my bottom lip - about to say something really profound I'm sure.

It was taken a few months ago when we went on a picnic in a local park. Though a bit strange (and we got a lot of odd looks) I love all the pockets of green in my local area. I think we originally wanted to catch a train up the Blue Mountains and have our picnic in the Everglade gardens - which I still want to do - but ran out of time and decided to take our sandwiches, fruit, and ginger cake and rug to Bardwell Park. Its only a 10 minute walk from my house and if you can imagine has this creek running through it which comes to big pond with an island in the middle...

The pond is filled with ducks including my duck - Pegasus - no official ownership but we've got a special bond. I often go visiting Peggy and he'll swim up close to me and keep me company. He stands out because he's a snow-white, orange-billed "Jemimah Puddle Duck" kind (while all the overs are small and brown). During my exams last year I found so much relief in being able to get out of the house and walk to the park and visit Peggy - offload all my stress on the tranquil life of a duck.

A bit of a scandal for me was discovering a few weeks ago that there are now two white ducks in the pond! TWO DUCKS! Peggy didn't discuss this new addition with me at all and I'm not even sure if its a new occurrence (am in serious doubt) ... perhaps I've been scammed into thinking I had my one duck - when the two were plotting and swapping places all the time!

The Two In Question


  1. it was such a lovely day - i only wish we could do it again sometime soon

  2. maybe soon if it means in a year's time!


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