9 Nov 2007

Its Raining Cupcakes and Biscotti

My oh my!
We've been getting a lot of rain this week! Yes, drought-stricken areas are getting some much needed rain and dams are rising a teeny tiny bit, and Yes the garden is looking rather green and lush and happy - but the beautiful, clear, blue mornings that were heralding all things summery and bright have gone! Instead I'm waking up to grey skies and wind and rain - which is really quite a nice change at first... But this last week on my way to sit exams and drop off assessments I've been caught in storms and wet lots of shoes and bags.

Who'd have thought "November Rain" could be so intrusive, fascinating... substantial?

Still. Rain is good for lots of things - lets list a few:

*wearing gumboots
*wearing stripy raincoats (and other wet weather paraphernalia)
*a really good excuse for carrying round an umbrella all day
*not needing to shower so often
*impromptu singing
*impromptu dancing and the like (jumping in puddles, tapping one's shoes against walls etc)
*waste time watching raindrops form rings in the pool
*a good soundtrack for relaxing come bedtime
*And my favourite: not needing to carrying a jar of water around when watercolour painting

And some of the day's makings:
Playing around with ideas for Christmas presents (something along the lines of crocheting goods to fill a little "To Market" tote bag for the delightful toddler across the road)


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