4 Nov 2007

Forbidden Delights

After buying some black glutinous rice some weeks ago I finally made some Thai-style pudding last night. I didn't let the rice soak as long as it should (Gave it 3 and half hours instead of 8!) but it was still really yummy - and so easy to make! The soaked rice, coconut milk, water, palm sugar and stick of cinnamon all go into one pot and simmer away for an hour or two - stirring fairly regularly. It has a fabulous dark purple colour (could we call it mulberry-ish?) and totally blackened my wooden spoon. Maddy and I tucked into it with pieces of fresh mango and frozen raspberries but you could just as well have it plain/with some coconut cream/other fruits like pawpaw etc. I like the fact that the raspberries cut through the nutty sweetness.

I have been wondering why this black rice is sometimes referred to as "forbidden rice" - could it possibly be hinting at an allegiance to the "dark" side?

Next on my sweet "experimental" cooking list:
-Mullberry Jam
-Apricot rolls
-Semolina and pistachio cakes with rose syrup
-SriLankan Christmas cakes

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