3 Nov 2007

Drinking Rainwater Out Of A Nasturtium Cup

Oh the things you can learn on a walk through your neighbourhood. Going for walks is one of my favorite favorite things to do - When I collect all my thoughts; talk to myself; pray; meditate on my day. I am so lucky to live where I do (all its secrets) This afternoon I went for a walk... It was about half past five in the afternoon and the rain had finally cleared a bit. With a plastic bag, umbrella and camera I ventured out...

Down shady paths
Up steep steps

Past new leaves

And finally one of the most beautiful things in life -
the way that rain drops fall on nasturtium leaves. Memories of my mother showing me how to drink the perfectly round and shiny beads of water.

If only we spent more time noticing how rainwater falls on nasturtiums, or spending the time to see the sun come out on a stormy day, or watching new leaves unfurl on a stone wall... If we spent more time noticing how miraculous, beautiful, spontaneous creation is I think we'd lead more fulfilling lives - because the inspiration would just overflow in our hearts so that we would want to share it with everyone around us...


  1. those drops look so full and delicate... how did they taste?

  2. wonderful(And slightly peppery but could be because I started eating the leaf too)


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