25 Nov 2007

Don't You Love Sundays?

Enjoying a perfect blue-skied Sunday afternoon... and having got off surprisingly early at work I decided to make something from all my new fabric. I settled for this clutch pattern in Amy Karol's "Bend The Rules Sewing" - assembling was harder that you'd think and I had to get a bit of help from mum (turning it inside out). I know its a little wonky but I am loving how lovely and soft it is and how much you can fit inside! It is also a great pattern for small scraps of fabric and lone buttons:

A perfect fit for pocket-sized treasures

And on the topic of beautiful writing I've been slowly devouring David Malouf's collection of poetry "Typewriter Music" - let me share one of my favourites with you:

As It Comes

Morning gets into its stride
with clean straw flying
and mares' tails. Outer garments,
rinsed and wrung dry
of their yesterdays, take
to the sky, lighter than souls.

Midday arrives
and drinks, as I watch,
the shadow of a clocktower.
A dazzle and a dazzle of chalked stones.

The sun blinks in a glass
In the blinking of an eye
it is dark. First to gather
are starlings in unquiet flocks.
Then, quietly, the stars.


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