7 Oct 2007

What Inspires You

What inspires you?

Maybe you're inspired by nature, or the gift of grace - by new life

By the places you visit; the smell of the sea or the feel of a breeze through your hair -

Or is it the gifts you receive; the surprises you plan, the colours you weave -

Maybe its when you begin to notice the finer details in life...

Or kisses from people you love -

Perhaps you're inspired by style; by carefully tied bows -
or a brand new button

Or just changing perspective for a moment or two

How about the books you'd forgotten and found again -
Or remembering the past and the memories you had

The beauty of life is that all around us, everyday - there is inspiration. And it isn't static, and it mightn't work every time but its there... but do we really take enough time aside from our busy, deadline driven lives to be really invigorated, refreshed and inspired by our world? I don't know about you but I start getting really depressed if I'm constantly busying myself and not taking time to slow down, to sit still, to relax and be creative for a while. Last night I was lying awake in my bed thinking about how caught up I have been in the last week with essays and work that I forgot to be thankful for all the good things I have. So here's my moment! All the things above inspire me and I'm thankful for every one.


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  1. that bird eyelet fabric - stunning! What is it and/or where did you find it?


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