14 Oct 2007

Shadows, Blue Skies and Pink Bottlebrush

What a weekend! Spending a few days with my dad up the central coast; having fun with my little brother and sister, going to a bush dance (Australian-style ceilidhs) complete with fiddles, waltzes and polkas, going riding on old bicycle's in the morning sunshine, visiting the bower bird's nest (photos and sketches will come soon), and just generally being inspired...

The following photos were taken last week at my favorite spots to sit at university and ponder life and all manner of things.


  1. oh sydney uni is definitely one of the prettiest places in Sydney. i did a few photo shoots there myself, back in the day :) and i didn't even go to USYD!

  2. hehe, yes it seems to be one of the main reason's people chose usyd (over say UTS - which is actually a fabulous uni in its own right). Many a lunchtime spent lying in the grass, gazing at the sky...


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