1 Oct 2007

The Apron

Finally finished the apron! Philip's sister Cynthia generously gave me a metre of this fabulous, loud vintage-style fabric a few months ago and I was wondering what I could do with it. With all all the kitchen-wear in the print I couldn't resist turning it into an apron. I was also interested in learning to use the sewing machine again and the pattern I used from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book looked simple enough - (Might I add that gathering is never as simple as it looks - thanks mum!) The ties were attached today and Madeline and I decided to make the most of the beautiful, bright spring afternoon to take some photos:

da daaa!

And Finally where I found this wonderful pattern:

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  1. Well done indeed! As I said last week "Is there anything you can't do"?


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