6 Sep 2007

Off On A Brief Hiatus

Oh My, oh my!

Is really Thursday already? Time flies much much too quickly.
The city is in total disarray at the moment in preparation for the all important, life-changing APEC summit this weekend. If you haven't already delighted in images of the great "wall" that has enclosed Circular Quay and the Opera House you can read about it here. Its quite extraordinary; if you try taking a photo of the fence you can have your camera confiscated. Train services around that part of the city has been closed down for the summit too. Australian animals have been transported from Taroonga Zoo to Garden Island in the harbor where all the Political types can have a private viewing! Speaking of animals, George Bush apparently went "bush walking" today and fingers crossed he got lost and fell down a ditch on the way.

So to escape all the APEC madness I'm off to Mudgee for the weekend with Clancy to visit his family and stay in his fabulously retro home! Before I go I thought I might boldly post a few more sketches...

This one titled "head-space" started out as a draft for a part in my story where the main character is dreaming... it ended being kind of freaky; I love being able to turn patterns and lines into beds which in turn become heads, and so on.

My Orientalist.

My city of books and odds and ends;

And finally my "tree-cup". A favorite of mine which evolved during a very boring phone interview at work (where most of my drawing begins).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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