25 Sep 2007

Looking Up and Feeling Empty Tonight

Little leaf, where-

do you fly at night?
Shades of brown
decay, you crumple-
under foot and toe.
Gentle breeze, how
do you fly so light?
Whisked up in whirling
flakes of ice and air-
I sing.
Grey washed skies
my audience, the
cold earth my stage



  1. Your title reminds me of this quote from the Dave Matthews Band:

    "Here we are
    On this starry night staring into space
    And I must say
    I feel as small as dust lying down here
    What point could there be troubling
    Head down wondering what will become of me"

    Not as poetic as your quote, but an interesting song ("Pig" off the album "Before these Crowded Streets" - recommended).

  2. I like that quote! I think it reflects how I was feeling perfectly (especially when I'm walking through the city and feel totally swamped my endless glass and metal towers)

    It was so nice having lunch with you all on Sunday!


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