13 Sep 2007

Buttons Buttons Buttons

Don't you just love buttons? they're just so darn useful and they come in every shape and size known to man. I thought I'd just arrange a few on a plate (and eat them) - especially to show off the buttons I bought in Montmartre, Paris. Samuel and I were walking down a little street and by chance stumbled upon this little button shop! We had so much fun; the oh-so-French owner kept correcting our French (feminine and masculine particularly) and insisted that we use it when selecting buttons.

*This little ghost I bought in the Button Shop on King St. Newtown. If you're ever in that part definitely give it a viewing! There are some very exquisite buttons in there; they're always changing their window displays, the owners are very friendly and they have a gorgeous, floppy cat (who's prone to sleeping in the window).
*I'm so proud of these cutlery buttons; bought in Pairs - they're carved of wood and are just so delightful! I love thinking up ways I might be able to use them.
*I'm not sure where the silver goddess head came from; it might be an old button of my mothers - ever since I was little I loved delving through the button box to find it.
*The Gingerbread couple! Also from Paris... need I say any more?

Plate of buttons & red shoes - a very satisfying combination.

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  1. I don't know if I should say this, but when I was a boy I used to love going through mum's button jar, which had generally just one each of a million different types and colours of buttons. There, I've admitted it!


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