27 Aug 2007

The Other Half Emerges

I'm very excited. I finally managed to scan some of my "biro sketches" onto the computer. Its so strange seeing your work in computer format and being able to play around with colours and effects on photoshop! I really wanted this blog to a be a space where I can document the progress of my book and share my ideas (even if nobody reads them!). I love the contrast of blue and white; every time I try adding in colour it doesn't seem right.

The sketch above is titled "The Tree Where Dreams Grow".
And the following is titled "The Wayward Balloons".


  1. Oh oh oh! Just been given your blog address and I already know I'm going to be a regular visitor... if I'm allowed that is :)

    So sorry not to have seen you guys while you were over - I was really looking forward to it... hope you had a good time anyway :)


  2. *beams* of course you can be a regular visitor - its only right since I love visiting yours so much!

    It was disappointing not to meet up with you; there was a real mix up with phone numbers and contact details - but still - we had a really really wonderful time. I'm totally smitten with Scotland.



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