13 Aug 2007

Tanglewoods Secret

Shall we take a journey?
Lets start at a white-washed cottage - which overlooks a secluded bay.

Then we'll go walking by the right of house down a curious path, sheltered by a canopy of green...

There would be dappled light all over your skin...

You'd look down and check your wellies were on properly.

Then you'd venture up into a tanglewoods...

To the soundtrack of the birds and buzzing insects you'd close your eyes
and be transported to a different time...

It feels ancient, untouched, your secret discovery deep among the trees...


  1. This was very good, so much fun and such good pictures. Yes, I would take the journey!!

  2. Hehe thank you for your comments! I must say I couldn't stop thinking about that charming book Tanglewood Secret every time I went out venturing with Maddy :)


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