1 Sep 2007

Eclipses and magnolias

What a fascinating week it has been.

That started with a lunar eclipse on Tuesday night.
I was walking back home from train station and was wondering why all these people were out the on street looking up with their camera phones and binoculars. I felt so moved to be utterly drawn to the sky; to be moved, like all those other hundreds and thousands - all by a force of nature so strong and fascinating that everything else had to wait while I watched that bright thing in the night slowly darken and turn red.

And nature truly is a miraculous thing.

Something else I enjoyed this past week was noticing how all the magnolias are in season. Aren't they just one of most beautiful, understated sights? These photos were taken on Friday afternoon as I was on my way to work. We had a stately magnolia growing up by the side of my house that got cut down when the neighbours decided to build a new fence and renovate etc. It was growing over their side a bit but why are people so complacent when it comes to trees? as though they are just there for humans to cut down and do with what they will - sigh - without sounding like a total greeny (of which I am proud come elections) I just wish people would realise that we trees are there in OUR best interest. Especially ones that bring colour to the seasons like magnolias...

And the only proper way to relax in between lectures:
-find a nice spot of green with dappled sunshine
-have a good book ready and open (In the Skin of a Lion)
-pick a snow white camellia and lay it on your lap
-eat fresh seaweed and salmon sushi and take in the breeze


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