30 Jul 2014

last chance

to snap up some sweet handmade things before I close thewindhover on Friday for good. Everything is heftily reduced in price! 


27 Jul 2014


on grey-skied days
I marvel at the silhouette
of birds flying,
we take risks
walking, wondering
if we'll be wet when we return,

we rumble inside
bake and blend smoothies
he lines up cars and trains
and I begin cutting linen
for clothes,

we wake in the dark
to the pitter patter 
of rain drops
I imagine the trees
with dry-leaves upturned
sighing with relief -

on grey-skied days
 I seek out all the colours
that I overlooked before
blue tile, umber rust, 
the purple of lavender sprigs.

22 Jul 2014

ode to found flora

It is no secret that I love to pick flowers for window sill, oven top, bookcase and kitchen bench arrangements.... tiny handfuls of flora that may not last long in a water filled jar but for those days bring  so much freshness, light and promise to an inside space. I love how different flowers evoke different feelings and moods. 

Wild growing things are my favourite.  Something about the fact that you can't easily buy them from a florist or market - something about that deliberate choosing and selecting from what's available that season...

 In Frace I gathered forget-me-nots and cowslips and crocuses from the lawn, I clipped Japanese maple leaves and overflowing lilacs from trees in our garden. On the farm I planted columbine seeds, marigolds, tulips, nasturtiums  comfreys and zinnias to pick through summer. I foraged native violets from the forest, lilac from the hedgerows by the highway and pruned deep red roses from the farm yard.

One day I'd love to grow enough of my own flowers, foliage and herbs to have a seasonal flower business. I dream of bundling together bouquets and posies and delivering them to people's doorsteps, or nestled in the corner of a vegetable box. I would mix australian natives and those introduced from England, France, beyond... 

Right now I am gathering purple lavender, red bottle-brush, holly, eucalyptus and premature starry-white jasmine.... I wonder, what flowers do you love best to pick and have in your spaces?

18 Jul 2014

a closing down sale

Oh for the love of rainbow hues:
berry red, sage green, 
linen-grey and petrol blue... 

Dear friends,  I'll be closing my etsy shop indefinitely in just two short weeks. I've been thinking about closing it for a while and now seems like the right time as we prepare to move to countryside. The shop (like my blogger pseudonym) is named thewindhover after my favourite poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. If you have never read it, you really must. It captures quite perfectly the soaring speed and reverent flight of a winged creature. 

I am so thankful to have stumbled across etsy some six years ago - blessed to have an outlet to share my illustrations and craftiness with those around the world. Thank you to each and every person who has supported me by buying a blue and white print, christmas card, baby bib, tote bag, tea purse and custom sketch.  With the close of this shop will come the opening (very soon) of an exciting new venture.  

In meantime find an array of happy handmade things here. I've begun a clearance sale of 30-50% off everything! 

14 Jul 2014

bastille day

for our remembrances of france... for her sights and sounds, for travels and adventures, for our neighbours and friends, for the everyday (and forgotten things too), for painted doorways, snowy footprints, sparkling rhubarb juice (oh for you especially), for the blues, whites and reds... Vive la france!

11 Jul 2014

thrifty fingers

For about ten years now I've appreciated, bought, reclaimed and thrifted old wearables and fabrics. Not because it was the trendy thing to do, but because I loved the way clothes were once made - by hand, with quality materials, properly fitted, feminine... Then I travelled and lived abroad, became a mama, began to live in the countryside and learn to farm. I found myself wearing these vintage treasures less and less... I held onto them because they held special memories to me of king street crawls, outings with friends, of a pumpkin ball and a school formal, of autumn walks, picnics and our honeymoon. I will always have these, yes - but I'd rather someone else actually enjoy wearing them (not just the thought) So in my attempts to sort and reduce before we move again down south I've made a second pop-up etsy shop - it's called thrifty fingers - if an able gardener can be called a green thumb - then a keen explorer of pre-loved things surely has thrifty fingers!  Everything is on sale too xx


black mohair cloche $14. black lace swing dress $951960s alpine-inspired knitted sweater $45. french felted beret $12. hand knitted tea cosies $18- $22. colourful silk and cotton scarves $6. 1960s beaded cream cardigan $49. autumn leaves leather shoes $25. 

9 Jul 2014

A Rhubarb Knit

Why yes, Winter is usually the time for great knitting exploits, but this season I've been so busy making and doing other things my poor knitting projects have been slow to completion. This splendidly rhubarb-coloured cardigan (started four or five months ago) was finished only just this morning.

The pattern is the Belfast Hoodie by Quince & Co, though I realise mine looks quite different - I somehow misread the pattern for the yoke and then decided to leave the hoodie off, add four more button holes and lower the pockets so my hands could actually fit into them. I am left with a rather generously shaped, long, cosy cardigan...

The wool is a beautiful rustic 8-ply by Bendigo Woollen Mills. I love that you can see purple and umber hues in amongst the reds. It is so so soft. Buttons are from button emporium All Buttons Great and Small and somehow remind me of european folk art. While thinking of a name for her (as is my custom for hand-knitted wearables) Romola came to mind. Romola the Rhubarb Cardigan... good for tree-climbing too.